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The ‘Chocolats du Cœur’ is a project close to the heart of Jérôme Colson of the ‘Ateliers du Tricentenaire’. Fine chocolates, chocolate-covered dried fruits or crispy gourmet bars – the shop in Bissen is definitely worth a visit. 

Please introduce yourself

My name is Jérôme Colson and I am the director of the ‘Chocolats du Cœur’ as well as the ‘Ateliers du Tricentenaire’. Our chocolate production is exclusively ‘Fairtrade’. People with disabilities work here in our premises, helping to produce chocolates, chocolate-covered dried fruits, chocolate bars – in short, everything that is delicious.

Why ‘Chocolats du Cœur’?

Our production facility is called ‘Chocolats du Cœur’ because we respect the employee throughout the entire supply chain. We are ‘Fairtrade’ certified and try to put our heart into our work.

Take a sneak peek into the world of the ‘Chocolats du Coeur’



What about ‘Fairtrade’?

Our chocolate production is one of the few in Europe that is exclusively fairtrade. This means that all our products, such as the chocolate, cocoa, the spices, but also the vanilla, are fairtrade products. Anything that is Fairtrade, we will use. The most important thing for us is that the supply chain is respected and that the workers are paid fairly.

What does chocolate mean to you personally?

For me, chocolate is a noble gourmet product. But it is also an important way to uplift our workers with disabilities. I personally have a sweet tooth and my favourite product is the ‘Tri-Cœur’s’, a gourmet bar with caramel, salted peanuts and crunchy praliné, which I can only recommend.


Take a look at the video-interview with Jérôme Colson

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