A basket full of tradition

The Kaempff-Kohler shop, located in the city centre near the Place d’Armes, stands for tradition and artisanal production, but also for modernity. Gift baskets for special occasions filled with local sweet and savoury products are available here as well as at Letzshop.


Please introduce yourself

Kaempff-Kohler is a hundred year old traditional family business in the third generation. This Luxembourgish business has been able to continuously adapt to the demands of the customers and to the challenges of the local and international market.

The essentials of a gift basket

Our baskets usually consist of an alcoholic beverage as well as a selection of savoury and sweet products, while ensuring a variety to satisfy all tastes.

Discover here the large product range of ‘Kaempff-Kohler’ in Luxembourg City.

Your three savoury bestsellers

Our Crémant, Luxembourgish products such as Lëtz’Chips or Lëtz’Coffee and our house speciality, the Riesling pâté

Your three sweet bestsellers

Our home-made macaroons, the cacolettes and homemade jams.

Your labels

We are proud of our two local labels: ‘Made in Luxembourg’ and ‘Fournisseur de la Cour’. These labels are a guarantee of quality and a pledge of service to the customers for whom we work every day at Kaempff-Kohler.

A small presentation of ‘Kaempff-Kohler’

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