A spring full of promise

The winter blues are over! So open up your windows and let the fresh air as well as the singing of the birds finally enter your home. We’ve put together a list of activities to help you make the most of spring, whether you’re alone, with friends or family.

Spring cleaning!


The lucky owners of a house with a yard will have the same reflex: get out the Kärcher for the traditional cleaning of the terrace. To help you tidy up the garden and make the most of the spring flowers, offer your children some fun activities: make a herbarium, take out and clean their toys and deckchairs. At break time? Back to childhood for everyone with this petanque set or with this cute kite to fly as high as possible in the beautiful blue sky. This year, you could even decide to offer your little one the superb trampoline he’s been asking for since last summer, because his friend has the same one and it’s really great!

Put some spring in your steps

When it comes to outdoor sports, spring offers all the possibilities. You’ve been thinking about buying a bike for months? What if you jumped at the chance to do so? And why not choose an electric bike in order to get back into shape gradually. You’re not into cycling but you enjoy fishing? Fishing enthusiasts will be able to buy their supplies easily thanks to Letzshop.lu’s local and responsive vendors. Bird fans should remember to bring binoculars for detailed observation of our little feathered friends.

People often talk about how much better they feel as spring approaches. The warmer temperatures and the increased light provide everyone with a natural supply of vitamin D, which is essential for our health. In Luxembourg, we know the climate well enough and therefore every second of sunshine is precious. Spring is also a good time to take care of yourself through a reboosting massage, an energy stone or a beauty treatment.


Spring is coming


Spring is also the first meal on the terrace of your favourite restaurant. The first flea market that we impatiently await, to find some original decorative items. Or the first family picnic to discover forest animals and four-leaf clovers. Life is made up of simple pleasures and little habits that we like to return to.

Goodbye winter!

Spring brings nature and desires back to life. Allow yourself to be a little crazy, like a hot air balloon ride over the Moselle and its beautiful vineyards as far as the eye can see. A ride on an electric scooter through the city centre at dusk. Set yourself new goals, challenge yourself…

Have a great spring!

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