Easter 2023 will be colourful

Spring is coming and you’re not in the mood yet? Then let’s get going! Let us show you the latest colour trends, gift ideas and Easter presents to make Easter a colourful celebration this year.

Yellow or when life gives you lemons


A fresh colour heralding the new season this year is the colour yellow. It reminds us of delicate blossoms, delicious lemon cakes – and more. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your children, then a night light in the form of a little duck is just the thing for you. For fans of wooden toys, Marcello, the alligator is always a good idea. If you would like to freshen up your home at Easter in order to make your mother-in-law jealous, you should think about the colour yellow when choosing cushions for the sofa. Women wear the trend colour around their necks as a scarf or on their fingers in the form of a yellow gold ring with a yellow diamond. And men attract all eyes with a cheeky bow tie – the perfect outfit for an Easter dinner with the whole family. And then, to match, comfortable sneakers for a little walk in the fresh air in order to digest after the meal. The offspring is put to sleep in the cosy shark sleeping bag after dinner while the adults enjoy a glass of lemonade on the terrace or a gin with lemon as a reward for the exhausting holiday.

The colour purple or how relaxing lavender is

Easter is just around the corner and you’re already dreading the traditional family meal? Transform your living room into a wellness oasis with lavender candles and essential oils to calm your mind. Buy yourself handmade jade earrings in the trendy colour of lavender or an elegant shirt to get Easter off to a chic start. If you’d like to see the colour purple on the wall but don’t want to paint it, wall stickers are a good idea. And if you want to take a relaxing break after the family reunion, you can read about the trend colour purple after the relatives have found their way home again via the doormat – with a lavender motif, of course.


Green or why this is the colour of Spring


You’ve been invited back to the family for Easter and are now wrapping the presents? What exactly did you get them? So, for the little baby you got a green cloth book in the shape of an apple, the older sister gets a placemat in flashy green, the parents of the rascals get a candle and tea to relax, For grandma you chose a gardening book and for grandpa of course a fancy watch with a green dial. But what will you get for your partner? A ceramic, wooden, glass, Lego or chocolate Easter egg? Or simply a personalised gift bag filled with surprises?

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