Hello Spring, we’ve missed you!

Every year it is eagerly awaited. The return of Spring with its first rays of sunshine, it’s longer days, warmth, joy and outings. Like nature, it is a renewal for us all.

Say goodbye to your turtlenecks!


As Spring is the final step towards summer, we’re sharing some great fashion ideas to get you ready for the season ahead. It’s time for Spring clothes, lightness and blue skies. This year, we’ve been told that the colours in vogue are rather fun: mint green, electric blue, lavender and a touch of orange-mango. This spring promises to be colourful and we just love it!

In terms of wardrobe, we’re going for a pretty, light blouse for her, which will go elegantly with trousers. A small, light scarf will tastefully enhance the outfit. It’s also time to buy a new piece of jewellery, and make sure to match it with a small canvas bag and a new cute watch. It’s also time to restock your cosmetics and sport a brand new look.

For the men, we chose a selection of polo shirts. They’ll look great with casual jeans. Dare to show off your trendy style with a pretty flashy watch. Finally, keep it simple by putting on these superb sneakers for a walk in the city.

Check out these colours and flavours !

In Spring, we also get ready for the first barbecue of the year. If you have just moved in and are not yet equipped, your local letzshop.lu merchants have already planned everything: the barbecue of your dreams is just a click away! All you have to do is sit back and enjoy a delicious rosé wine with family and friends in this beautiful garden furniture.


Enjoy your garden!


Spring is the time for planting. Here are some suggestions for planting spring plants, which will no longer hold any secrets for you. In March, for example, you should plant asparagus, lettuce and rhubarb. Salads and fruity desserts will finally start to grace the table. In April, the potato and Jerusalem artichoke can be planted. And May is the perfect month to plant cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and celery. The beautiful colours will fill our hearts and plates with joy.

In the garden, with our friends the flowers this time, we are in for a treat with the white and purple lilacs and their fantastic perfume, the peonies and the daffodils, the magnificent tulips, and the indestructible roses, which starts to bloom in May. It is a springtime full of flavours and nuances that is offered to you.

Enjoy every moment and treat yourself, in every sense of the word.

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