Here comes the Easter bunny…

…in order to help decorate. At Letzshop, you’ll find what you’re looking for when it comes to decorations. Whether for the home or the outdoors, the bunny is the highlight of this new season.

A cosy den for the bunny


You haven’t decorated for Easter yet? Then it’s high time you started. White porcelain bunnies with a gold detail or dancing bunnies made of wood are a good idea if you like minimalism. A light object with bunnies and Easter eggs on the dining table then becomes an eye-catcher when the family visits for Easter. Another decorative idea are large pastel-coloured bunnies, placed throughout your home. Some small bunnies made of ceramic, wood or porcelain will certainly find a place on the sideboard for Easter. If you want to ring in the new season, why not choose some modern cushions, a carpet and wall decorations in beige in order to spice up your home.

For small and large bunny friends

A cuddly toy – in the shape of a bunny, of course – is ideal for little fans of the long-eared animal. But a magnetic bunny for the fridge or the children’s pinboard is also a cute idea. Why not offer a bunny-shaped money box, so that saving money is twice as much fun. A funny bunny brooch decorates the outfit for the holiday. Easter stickers are perfect for decorating eggs. For little cooks-to-be, a cookie cutter with a bunny face is just the thing, because as we all know, biscuits can be eaten at any time of year. If you want to decorate the children’s room for Easter, a door and wall sticker with bunny ears is applied in no time. Young and old bookworms are welcome to read a bunny-themed picture book or a novel.

Springtime decoration for the outdoors


If you want to decorate your garden for the new season, you’ll find what you need on Letzshop. Bird decorations of all kinds are currently in vogue, such as a robin with lights. Why not pair it with bird house made of corten steel in a rust look? This cute decoration made out of iron also fits the bill. A garden table and chairs in Provence style are very cosy and simply beautiful, turning the garden or balcony into a highlight. For Easter, you can present flowers in a bunny planter and place a matching stone-look bunny in front of the door so that the Easter bunny knows where to take the coloured eggs.

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