Jacques Schneider’s colourful Grand-Duchy

The Luxembourg artist Jacques Schneider conveys his vision of Luxembourg through a wide range of pictorial, sculptural, photographic or textile works. We met him in his concept store in Cloche d’Or where his articles can be found, as well as on Letzshop.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Jacques Schneider, and I am a Luxembourgish activist artist committed to humanist values. Raised in a family of mathematicians and photographers, I was encouraged by my parents to create and to always be true to myself. Thus I was able to express my ideas from the age of six by choosing a chromatic range made up of two colours: orange and blue, a premonitory duo that would mark my life and my creation. Thirty years later, it is with the same serenity that I imagine and dream my life as an artist, thanking the values I received from my parents: open-mindedness, generosity and love. In 2022, I was appointed ‘Chevalier de l’Ordre du Mérite civil et militaire Adolphe de Nassau’ by His Royal Highness the Grand Duke, a distinction of which I am very proud.

Describe your art

My paintings are often the result of superimposing paints and inks on photographs mounted on cotton; like extensions of an inheritance that would evolve through the successive layers that each generation brings. Through my technique, I present my coloured vision of the landscapes and monuments that surround me as well as the memories of my childhood, such as family walks in the Luxembourg countryside. I try to create my works, while respecting my own values such as short circuits, the use of ethical or vegan raw materials with Fairwear or Fairtrade labels. Whether they are pictorial, sculptural, photographic or textile… my creations are bridges and open doors to the people.

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What inspires you?

My collaborations and partnerships are for me like windows on the world. I am inspired by society and I draw and create pieces every day to present to the general public what I feel.

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