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In the north of the country, in the village of Heiderscheid lies the ‘Käerzefabrik’. The Peters family showed us their craftsmanship and we were amazed at the spacious shop and the carefully furnished workshop, where candles of all kinds have been handmade for over 30 years, all of which can of course be found on Letzshop.

Please introduce yourself

My name is John Peters and I took over the candle workshop in 1992. This was founded in 1885 in Esch-sur-Sûre as a small handicraft business producing candles in the traditional way. I am a trained metalworker and did further training in Germany 30 years ago to become a candle maker. The candle factory grew slowly but steadily in the 90s and decorative candles were added to the production of candles for the church. A showroom for the products followed. Then we specialised in personalized candles made for weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, etc. In 2009, due to a lack of space, the workshop moved to Heiderscheid, where a spacious shop of 300 m2 with a workshop was built. Today, not only candles but also decorative articles of all kinds are offered here. And the whole family helps out. Since 2016, my son Jan has taken over the candle workshop and works there together with his two sisters and me.

You are a candle maker by profession

Yes I am. In 1992, I took a training course in Germany to become a candle maker, as this course was not offered in Luxembourg. This enabled me to learn the basics of candle making. I see the candle making as a kind of handicraft where variety, quality and creativity come first.

You make candles of all kinds

Yes, exactly. We offer a wide range of candles. From the traditional church candle to personalised candles for festive occasions such as weddings, christenings, communions, etc. Candles are also often ordered as gifts for guests. Decorative candles in all shapes and colours can be bought in our shop. There is something for every taste and budget. All of our candles are unique.

Discover the variety of products from the ‘Käerzefabrik’ here.

You are ‘Fournisseur de la Cour’ and have the label ‘Made in Luxembourg’.

Exactly. And we are very proud of these two labels, because they stand for regionality, quality and sustainability.

Your bestsellers

This is difficult to say because we have several bestsellers. In summer, we have a high demand for our citronella candle, that repells mosquitoes and our outdoor candle. In winter, the Advent candles are our top seller. Very popular all year round are our scented candles, which come in five different editions, namely ‘Roude Léiw’, “Wellness”, ‘Feierowend’, ‘Feier a Flamm’ and ‘Wanterzauber’.

Your novelty

We have been collecting old wax scraps in cooperation with SuperDrecksKëscht, since 2020. Since this wax is too good to throw away, we melt it again and process it into outdoor candles. This is how the citronella candle and the outdoor candle are created. As the name suggests, these candles may only be lit outdoors. As we attach great importance to regionality, we work together with the ‘Cartonnerie de Lintgen’ for the packaging of these candles. Another item that makes a good gift is the ‘Glas fir all Geleeënheet’. This is a large tea light jar with a saying in Luxembourgish, that can of course also be personalised.

The Peters family introduces itself and presents the ‘Käerzefabrik’.

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