Of apples and pears

Let’s meet up in Born, where apples and pears are being processed into cider, juice and more since 2014. Jacques Roberto, CEO, took us on a tour of Ramborn.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Jacques Roberto and I am the CEO of Ramborn, the leading Luxembourg cider producer. Ramborn is B Corp certified since 2021; we are thus the first certified FMCG company in Luxembourg.

Since 2014, when the very first Ramborn cider was produced, we have developed several ranges of ciders, perries, fruit wines, ice ciders, as well as fruit juices, which are distributed in all the major stores in Luxembourg, in our shop in Born, on Letzshop of course, but also exported to France, the United States, England…

B Corp is an international certification that evaluates the impact of companies on five major aspects: customers, employees, community, governance and environment. Ramborn is built on three major missions, we talk about our three impacts: reducing food waste, reducing CO2 towards a ‘net zero emission’ goal and preserving biodiversity. We operate with respect for the environment and are actively committed to its protection, for example through the use of returnable bottles and crates for our products, respecting the circular economy.

Our efforts on the environmental front have been rewarded, as Ramborn has been recognised in the top 5% of the world’s B Corp in 2021.

Why cider?

Ramborn was started by childhood friends who went on a trip to the UK and had a cider in a pub. Disappointed by their taste experience, they discussed Luxembourg’s cultural heritage, and in particular the ‘viez’ that had been produced for hundreds of years in the region, including by their respective families and close relatives. Considering the traditional orchard landscape of the Sûre valley, they thought of a solution to use the apples that were wasted every year, as they were not harvested and left on the ground to rot. Finally, by starting to make cider again, Ramborn began a return to its roots, which is now truly part of the company’s DNA, guiding us in our evolution.

Your favourite fruit: pear or apple?

The apple, for its versatility, originality, multitude of shapes, colours and tastes. At Ramborn we work with more than 150 traditional apple varieties, such as ‘Erbachhofer’, ‘Holzapfel’ or ‘Wiesenapfel’, from the traditional eco-gardens and gardens of more than 300 farmers and landowners, within a 50km radius of our cider house. Thanks to this and the abundance of the fruit in the region, we produce our delicious local drinks, which proudly bear the ‘Made in Luxembourg’ label.

Discover the large range of products of Ramborn Cider Co.

Quince, an almost forgotten fruit?

When people think of quince, they think of the yellow, strange and fuzzy fruit. In short, a fruit that is not very appealing, and that cannot be eaten raw (unlike apples or pears). And yet, in our country, the quince is very present. It has even become a star, as we now use its juice for three products, including a very premium new product, a world exclusive ‘Made in Luxembourg’, which will be launched in the autumn.

Your favourite Ramborn product?

It’s very difficult to choose because, although we’re a small team, we produce a lot of products, as there are so many creative possibilities from our freshly squeezed fruit juices. So I’d say it all depends on the occasion: a good pint of our Original Cider (on draught) during sunny days on the terrace, or in a bottle during a barbecue with friends, or a glass of our Garden Quince, more as an aperitif or to pair with a traditional ‘Mettwurst’.


Any new products?

Since the beginning of the month, the Pink Cider is back for the second year in a row; a very sweet, refreshing and slightly carbonated must, obtained by co-fermentation of apples from traditional orchards and red grapes from the Moselle. To be tried during sunny weather.

And as I already mentioned it above, we are launching a new 100% quince juice product in the autumn, which may well be unique in the world because so far, we haven’t found an equivalent. I can’t tell you more at the moment, but I invite you to follow our news on Letzshop and to subscribe to our social networks to be informed!

Ramborn Cider Co. presents itself

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