Spirits from the orchard

The Diedenacker distillery is located in the south-east of the country, in the secluded village of Niederdonven. Here, spirits of the finest quality are distilled with great attention to detail and to nature. On site, but also at Letzshop, the delicious products of Mariette and Camille Duhr can then be purchased.

Please introduce yourself

My name is Mariette and together with my husband Camille we have been running Distillerie Diedenacker since 2000. Behind our farm in Niederdonven grow around 500 high-trunk fruit trees, whose fruit we naturally process for our production of spirits, liqueurs, and other alcoholic beverages. We also have a farm with beef cattle and run an educational farm where we welcome school classes and other groups.

The distillery – a family tradition

My husband and I are the sixth generation to run the distillery. Camille learned the distilling trade from an early age and has since attended numerous further training courses. We maintain old traditions and combine them with new, modern and innovative ideas for our business.

How are your liqueurs produced?

Our liqueurs are made only from natural ingredients. We use our own brandies, combine them with mainly regional fruit and sugar syrup and thus use neither natural nor artificial flavours or colourings. The fruit we use for the liqueurs is from conventional cultivation. Only hand-picked fruit is processed here, which is mainly produced sustainably by ourselves or purchased regionally.

Discover here the ‘Distillerie Diedenacker’ in Niederdonven.

The label ‘Made in Luxembourg’

Since 1984, our products are ‘Made in Luxembourg’. All brandies, liqueurs, whisky and gin are produced by us in our own distillery in Niederdonven.

Your bestsellers and new products

Our best seller in the liqueur range is definitely the raspberry liqueur, with its pleasantly sweet taste combined with the acidity of the raspberry.

As a novelty, we are launching a honey-whisky liqueur in May. This is made from Luxembourg honey and our own whisky.

Your personal favourite

My personal favourite product is the ‘Rouden Diedenacker’, a red wine liqueur that can be served in summer with some ice but also tastes well in winter. It is very similar to a port wine in taste.

You also produce gin.

Yes, we have also been producing gin since 2017. We now have four different varieties. One of them is the new ‘Gëlle Frau’ gin, a classic dry gin with a strong juniper note.


The ‘Distillerie Diedenacker’ in Niederdonven.

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