3 mistakes you should avoid
at all costs in e-commerce

If you want to be successful in online retail, you need to avoid making these three mistakes: unattractive product photos, boring product descriptions and neglected social media channels. Need help? Letzshop will show you how to increase your sales.

Photos are the be-all and end-all

In online retail, the customer is spoilt for choice. Hundreds of thousands of products are just a click away. In order for the customer to browse your shop and take a closer look at a product and then buy it, you need appealing photos. Whatever product you are offering – whether chocolate, clothing or furniture – the photo should set the scene and faithfully reproduce the product, thus whetting the customer’s appetite to buy it. If, for example, the chocolate looks unappetising, the skirt cheap and the chair uncomfortable, the customer will certainly not buy the product. You can read about how to take good product photos with little effort and expense in this blog article.

The product description must be coherent

Face it. If you are looking for a pair of trousers online and the product only says ‘made of fabric’ as a description, then you’d be rather annoyed, wouldn’t you? As a customer, you want to know the size, length, number of pockets, type of fabric and cleaning instructions of the pants before you put them in your shopping basket. Customers feel the same way when they look at your products and important details are missing. A good description is the be-all and end-all of online retailing. Make sure to always give the important details and also write what makes this product so unique and why the customer should shop with you.

Social media – an absolute must!

When it comes to online trade, social media are almost indispensable, because most customers who shop online are also active on social media. Thanks to social media, you can easily and cheaply advertise your products and build a bond with potential customers. Do you want to put a special product in the spotlight? Then simply create a story on Instagram and link it to Letzshop. Are you organising an event in your shop? Then invite your subscribers via Facebook. This is how you should use the social media channels so that other interested parties and potential customers find their way to your online shop. Why not use all the media that are available to you?


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